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The Trustees

Alison Ensor

Alison lives in Gretton Fields. Having spent several years applying permaculture design principles to her home and garden, she now has a diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and shares her enthusiam for, and experience of permaculture and sustainable living through offering site visits and workshops.

Judith Roles

Judith and husband Ken have lived in Alderton Fields for over 25 years. Judith has been a classroom teacher at Gretton Primary School and now divides her working life between prison chaplaincy, guitar and piano teaching at home.

Graham Lawrence

Graham has lived in Gretton Fields for over 28 years since marrying Sarah Harris. Graham works for a local shower manufacturer in Cheltenham and tries to spend as much time as possible on the golf course whilst juggling various other hobbies.

Kenneth Roles

Ken has tended the long garden and orchard all but bordering the solar farm site for years. He's an accountant by profession and works for an accounting software vendor. In his increasing spare time (now partly retired) he enjoys singing and beekeeping.

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The Trustees have links with representatives of the Gretton and Alderton Parish Councils with whom they liased during the setup, launch and now, on-going administration of the Trust Fund.


The trustees are bound by the terms of the trust deed, which you can download here.


The grant-making process, according to the objectives of the trust is published and you can download here.


See our communication page and register to receive updates here.


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