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Green Fields Trust was set up in 2015 by a group of residents local to Lower Stanley Solar Farm. Trustees are drawn from the communities around.

The developers of the Lower Stanley solar farm (Green Hedge Renewables) gained planning permission for Gretton Solar Farm Limited to construct the facility on Tuesday 1 September 2015 and believed that the local community should benefit from schemes like this and worked with local residents to ensure this happened.

On 20th January 2020 Bluefield Solar Income Fund acquired Gretton Solar Farm from CTF. They also undertake the operation of the installation. See history of ownership here.

Certain financial benefits flow to the local community from Gretton Solar Farm LimitedGreen Fields Trust was set up to receive these funds on behalf of the community and to fund projects meeting objectives of the trust. Find out more about the Trustees and the Trust Objects? - click here

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